Zorbas Hotel a beach hotel in Chania, on the island of Crete, is situated at the most privileged position that boasts stunning views over the Cretan Sea. It is located ideally on a sandy beach, inside 30.000 sq.m. of private land. It offers the unrivalled Cretan hospitality and the feeling of being at home, not far away from the picturesque city of Chania in Crete, Greece. The crystal sea in front of it, the excellent home made traditional food, a very personal approach, as well as the comfortable apartments and studios will make your stay an unforgettable one!

Welcome to Zorbas Hotel, a beach complex of 53 apartments and studios situated in the stunning and beautiful surroundings of the peninsula of Akrotiri in Chania. Inside thirty thousand square meters of private land, it is perfect for delightful and comfortable stay in a hospitable environment.

Our place is located by Stavros beach that became famous and known across the world in 1964 when Anthony Quinn portrayed legendary Alexis Zorbas (known as Zorbas the Greek) in the film of the same name. The well known, iconic film sees Alexis Zorbas instructing the tradition Greek dance ΄΄syrtaki΄΄.

Conveniently located 11 km from the airport and only 13 km from Chania city, Zorbas hotel offers the ideal combination of accessibility and tranquillity.

Set right on the beachfront, it is surrounded by an unspoilt natural area which protects it from the city’s noise and crowds.The hotel also offers exceptional views and natural attractions, including clean, well maintained scenic beaches and great panoramic view to impressive mountains across.

The hotel complex is ideal for everybody, including families with children, providing peace and seclusion. It is remote enough for a romantic getaway. 

Our aim is to offer unsurpassed and ultimate satisfaction in the family atmosphere of our facility, making your visit extremely memorable. Your stay at Hotel Zorbas is guaranteed to be pleasant and you will likely find yourselves visiting every year, like many of our guests do, and recommending them to your friends. 

  1. George Dakis says:

    Beautiful place, wonderful hospitality.

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